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What solutions do you offer?


What solutions do you offer?

The beauty of a Lunetic online business solution is that it can be all things to all businesses. Every business has different priorities and our solutions are tailored to suit, we won't sell you a Rolls Royce if you only need a Mini, although you will be amazed at how inexpensive "The Rolls" is!

Examples: A Photographer may just need a simple site with ability to display Photo Galleries and maybe a Blog to keep in touch with his clients. Service businesses such as Naturopaths, Dentists, Financial Advisers, Accountants, Solicitors, Tradesmen may want to utilise the inbuilt contact database and email marketing function to keep in touch with existing clients and to generate further leads.
What does your business want to do? Stay in touch by newsletters? Done. Get clients to refer-a-friend? Done. Offer gift vouchers online? Done. Sell thousands of products in multiple categories? Done. Be notified by email and SMS as soon as a prospect interacts with your site? Done. Distribute price lists or reports to your sales force online? Done.

Talk to us about the solution you need, to achieve maximum marketing reach at the lowest possible cost.

All of the above used to be Rocket Science, now it is all incorporated into one single cost effective platform that can be managed, updated and maintained in-house.


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