Announcement Module18-May-2009

You are currently viewing just one of the many, many modules that are available to you with a new Lu..

Allied Floorcoverings sees the Light!27-Apr-2009

Allied Floorcoverings is a highly succesful Carpet Wholesaler who has been serving the carpet indust..

Celestial Display "The Point of the Sale"27-Apr-2009

Celestial Display Company have been leaders in the manufacture and fabrication of acrylic and plasti..

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Why do you call your products "online businesses" instead of websites?


Why do you call your products "online businesses" instead of websites?

Lunetic does not call their products, 'websites', because they are far more than that. Lunetic offers a complete online solution that provides all the tools necessary to run and manage your business online at a fraction of the cost of you having to have these tools developed individually.
No matter how you wish to conduct your business, whether it be online selling, email marketing, newsletter publishing or imparting your knowledge to others via forums or blogs, all the tools are available to you if and when you need them.


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