Announcement Module18-May-2009

You are currently viewing just one of the many, many modules that are available to you with a new Lu..

Allied Floorcoverings sees the Light!27-Apr-2009

Allied Floorcoverings is a highly succesful Carpet Wholesaler who has been serving the carpet indust..

Celestial Display "The Point of the Sale"27-Apr-2009

Celestial Display Company have been leaders in the manufacture and fabrication of acrylic and plasti..

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We are only a small business, can we really afford an online business?


We are only a small business, can we really afford an online business?

The simple answer to this question is that you probably can't afford NOT to have one. With the huge growth in "Local Search" the opportunity for small businesses to increase their share of market has never been greater at such a minimal cost.

Lunetic online business solutions can provide you with an internet presence for as little as $1,000, for which you will have a level of control that you would not think possible for the price. As you begin to understand the power of your online business you can add functionality according to your needs, whether that be an online shop, email marketing or newsletter distribution, even forums and blogs are catered for. Need more information? Then complete our Comment Form below for a hassle and obligation free reply.


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