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I only want business from my local area. Would a Lunetic online solution be helpful?


I only want business from my local area. Would a Lunetic online solution be helpful?

Absolutely! When the internet "arrived", Google, Yahoo and 9MSN had not even been heard of. Now, they are the first port of call for the majority of people searching for Goods, Services or Tradespeople. Searching the internet for a plumber was not very helpful if you lived in Manly, NSW and your search found a plumber in Houston, Texas.

This is why "Local Search" is offering unprecedented opportunity to any small business to be able to "get one over" their much larger opposition. If relevant, most people will search for goods or services within a defined area, e.g. Naturopath, Mona Vale, if you do not have an internet presence your chances of being overlooked by this huge pool of prospective clients is massive. The "Local" business with a good interactive website solution is the most likely person to receive an initial enquiry. Even where your much larger, maybe National, opposition try to dominate all areas, the prospective client will invariably call the local business over someone from Woop Woop. Need more information? Please complete our Comment form and we will reply without delay.


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