Announcement Module18-May-2009

You are currently viewing just one of the many, many modules that are available to you with a new Lu..

Allied Floorcoverings sees the Light!27-Apr-2009

Allied Floorcoverings is a highly succesful Carpet Wholesaler who has been serving the carpet indust..

Celestial Display "The Point of the Sale"27-Apr-2009

Celestial Display Company have been leaders in the manufacture and fabrication of acrylic and plasti..

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Announcement Module


Announcement Module

21-Jul-2005 You are currently viewing just one of the many, many modules that are available to you with a new Lunetic Online Business Solution (not just websites). This is the Announcements Module that can be located on any page or template of your site. Once the module has been put on a page which is only a drag and drop function, you can begin to write any number of newsworthy stories relevant to your company and they can automatically be added to the module. It is no more difficult than writing a Word document. Each article can even have it's own Release date and Finish date, so that the article can be written and forgotten about and it will appear on the site on Release date.

Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to anounce Company milestones or new product releases, modules such as this one give you the oportunity to add fresh, relevant content to your site, thus encouraging prospective clients to return on a regular basis. In many circles, "Content is King" as far as Google and other search engines are concerned. Lunetic online business solutions modules allow you greater scope to market your business online and help to optimise your site in Google searches.

Your probably thinking you could announce company events here. Well, you could, but we have an events module as well for just that purpose. Think of anything you would like your online business to achieve and the chances are we will have the tools built in to help you do it.

Online businesses... not just websites.

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